Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is not a book. I recognize that. But I was so impressed I felt the need to say something about it.

I'm always impressed when a new idea emerges in a film. In these days there are so many books made into film and remakes of old movies. Inception is stunningly original. It is also chilling. The idea presented by the movie is haunting and interestingly thought provoking.


The whole concept is that a trained individual can infiltrate another's subconscious and manipulate their dreams. The characters of the movie create a dream within a dream within a dream to get to such a deep level of subconsciousness that a foreign thought can be planted and believed by the dreamer. That is inception.

The concept is scary, but brilliant. The film executed the idea in an innovative, visually appealing manner. (Here's to good visual effects!) The idea that your reality is nothing but a dream is rather alarming. What is the world as you know it is nothing but something you created? To live in your own head with only projections of the people you know? That's horrible.

Or is it? Could you live a full life in your own mind?

This taps into varying levels of psychology. People push ideas into their subconscious. Not all the thoughts in our subconscious are bad, but the things are not thoughts we are consciously thinking about. It just inhabits the back of the mind.

It makes me question a lot of the things I dream. But perhaps, that's for another day.

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