Saturday, September 25, 2010

Personal Time

There is a difference between reading for pleasure and reading because your performance dictates you to. I find that the more I concentrate on the tasks that are required for class the less time I have for the activities I truly enjoy.

Several days ago I finally finished this book called Helen of Troy. As the title suggests it was about Helen of Troy... Right? Yeah. It was her point of view about the going-ons of the Trojan War. It wasn't the best book I've ever read but I was determined to finish it mostly because I knew I didn't have time to. In the past three weeks I've read three novels and countless short stories plus finishing that one book. The couple books I had to read for class were good, but I was so much more concerned about that one personal book. It's done now. I guess I can start a new one.

Glutton for punishment? Perhaps.

Yesterday I went to see They Might Be Giants at Lupos in Providence. I drove. I hate highways that have more than three lines. Anything more than that gives me a panic attack. I'm rather partial to 24. The show was overflowing with awesome. I really don't think there is any better way to describe it. I felt giddy. There was a lot of jumping and screaming; maybe squealing is a better adjective... Also Joe and Paul from Harry and the Potters were in attendance. I got really, really fan-girly and kind of freaked out. Zoe and Jen convinced me to go over to say, "Hi!" They were really nice. I'm sure they thought I was completely mental but I'm still glad I went over and said hello. I started talking about ducks in the common... Yup. That happened.

Sometimes, you just need to do something for yourself. For me, it's not writing this reading response for my American Women Writers class, it's watching Felicity at an obscene hour. It's watching 2 hours of youtube videos. It's writing, not because someone's grading you, but just because you want to.

I'm just sitting here, listening to Wizard Wrock. And it's good. It's all good. Maybe later I'll vlog. Or something. Maybe I'll regret it when I'm reading all damn day tomorrow. But personal time is prime time. Dime time. Straight up.

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