Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the case of a Doctor Who Emergency

I have recently started watching Doctor Who. It is brilliant. (I feel like that is an understatement.) It just makes me so phenomenally happy.

I'm drawing to the end of season 2 and I am FRIGHTENED. I know something terrible is going to happen. It's making me a bit apprehensive especially since I'm home for break and nobody here understands what I am going on about. I think I will likely call Liz in the event of a Doctor Who emergency. But since I couldn't talk to anybody currently except my poor brother (I think he's going to hit me if he hears me go "But Nicky, I don't want it to happen..." one more time) I decided it would be best to confide in the internet.

Lucky you.



  1. Yay! Another Whovian convert!

    I never get a chance to discuss Dr. Who with anybody, I only know a handful of other people who watch it.

    So have you gotten any farther in the series? This last season with Matt Smith was incredible, especially this year's X-mas special.

    Bonus question: who'd you prefer, Tennant or Eccleston?


  2. Hi! Yeah I ended up finishing the series. It was absolutely wonderfulll. I love Matt Smith so much.

    Also, hands down I'd pick Tennant over Eccleston. Eccleston is awesome but David Tennant just has so much depth and such a range of emotion. I adore him.