Monday, June 7, 2010

AVPM and the Chamber of Secrets

I probably would have finished Book Two a lot sooner but I got incredibly distracted by the wonder that is A Very Potter Musical. I was just taking a quick break from reading. It started with a couple interviews with Darren Criss and Nick Lang. I started watching Act I and before I knew it I was an hour in, so I said to hell with it and watched the rest. It was my third time or so watching but, man, that is the best play. It's so funny. I am SO EXCITED for the sequel.

In other exciting news, I saw the sneak preview for the Deathly Hallows movie Part One. I FREAKED OUT. AHHHHHHH! It is so awesome! There was a lot of running through the woods and Harry and Ginny kissing, ominous Voldemort clips and Ron yelling at Harry. I had a nervy b. I cannot wait to see that movie film. It's gonna be off the hook for real.


Okay. I just finished HP and the Chamber of Secrets.

I have to admit. While, HP is my favorite book series, of all the books the Chamber is my least favorite. Maybe it was because after the awesomeness of the first book the darkness of the second took me by surprise. How was twelve year old me supposed to see that coming? The second book was some good foreshadowing for all the madness to come. Hogwarts always seems to be in an uproar of some crisis or another that threatens its well being. The closest it comes to getting shut down for real is in the second book. Unless you count the Umbridge debacle and then there's the end of the sixth, but more on that later.

Despite the fact that this isn't my most favorite HP novel, it was still a good read. Since I haven't picked it up in so long it just felt nice. Familiar story. Good times.

Additionally, I keep this Harry Potter Happy Birthday balloon I got for my tweflth birthday or something inside the cover of The Chamber. Every time I read it, looking at the balloon just makes me happy. I work at a party store where we sell a lot of mylars and stuff. I need to see how many HP balloons we have. I'm in the market for more.

Okay, first off - Dobby. Oh Dobby. He means well. He really does. I can just see him with his big eyes and floppy ears and his desire to just save Harry Potter. Ron really does say it right. If Dobby didn't stop trying to save Harry he would have killed him. The pudding incident. Closing the gates at King's Cross. The Rogue Bludger. Madness, I daresay. And after all that Harry still sets him free. What a guy. Well, he did deserve it.

That brings me to Lucius Malfoy. He makes me SO ANGRY. While I loathe Draco on general principles I really hate his father. Lucius is just so much worse for whatever reason. I think, while Draco may have some redeemable qualities (which come up much later), Lucius has none. He is just a bad, bad man. He is just so petty and cruel. It's no wonder Draco is the way he is. A majority of our behavior is brought out by the people who parent us. Ugh. Malfoys... Though I do rather like the band Draco and the Malfoys. Their songs are hilarious. My personal favorite is Voldemort is Awesome. Quite catchy.

In regards to foreshadowing I just want to mention Borgin and Burke's - the opal and the vanishing cabinet. Both are mentioned in chapter four and both are vitally important in book six. That tricksy little Malfoy brat.

Also, I would like to briefly discuss enchanted muggle objects. The Ford Anglia is one of my favorite characters. It is an adorable little puppy car that gets turned wild by the Forbidden Forest. That is bloody brilliant. Mr. Weasley's fascination with muggle things is adorable. I wouldn't mind owning a few enchanted objects - just so long as they didn't kill me or anything. As Arthur Weasley says, don't trust anything that thinks if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

Next, Gilderoy Lockhart. I don't hate him. I mean, you can't really. He's annoying but he's not really evil. Lockhart's just... a pompous git. That pretty much sums it up. I love that he blows his own mind up. It's great. He gets exactly what he deserves.


Is it bad that when I read about Justin Finch-Fletchley I think of the wizard wrock band? No, I didn't think so.


Concerning mudbloods: Clearly, labeling a person's skill in magic based on their blood is ridiculous. All the pure-blood, half-blood, dirty blood nonsense is ridiculous. Jo put it there for a reason, I'm guessing. (Again, all speculation.) It's blatant racism. Draco Malfoy and his family are a bunch of prejudiced racists. End of story.

I do love how mad Ron gets about it though. He comes very near murdering Draco. Ah, budding romance.


Basilisks are alarming. I wish I had been more clever when I first read this book. The basilisk clues are relentless. I have nothing against snakes. I even find them kind of cute sometimes, especially adorable little garden snakes. But basilisks cross that line. Them and acromantula. -.- Giant spiders do NOT do it for me. I side with Ron. Not cool and Hagrid is a mad man. Loveable but a mad man when it comes to normal, safe creatures. I do love how they lead up to discovering the chamber. It's so very exciting.

Tom Riddle. Tom Marvolo Riddle. I am Lord Voldemort.
I recall first reading that. That is one of the most important scenes in HP history. It's our first glimpse of the past that is Voldemort. Voldemort's past is vitally important to his defeat. Plus there's the diary - horcrux #1. Though, no one knows it's a horcrux yet. Except Dumbledore. I think he knows. He pretty much always knew what the hell was going on. He just never let us in on the secret. J. K. Rowling's a genius. We all know it.
I am constantly fascinated by Tom Riddle. I like to watch the evolution of Voldemort. He was always bad but why did he have to go so bad? I feel like it didn't have to be that way. He was so smart and handsome in his Hogwarts days. But he was also cunning. Too cunning. And power hungry. What made him that way? Probably his desertion by his family. Likely some deep seated personal issues. But more on that in entries to come. I could do a series psychological evaluation of Voldie. But I'll refrain.... for now.
The end.
Talk to you soon.

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