Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wizard Wrock and the Order of the Phoenix

It was probably wishful thinking to assume I'd finish all seven HP books in a week. I mean, it's certainly possible. I could definitely do it. It would just consist of zero human contact. Unfortunately, life makes that difficult - i.e. socializing, working, going to other states.

My friends are important to me. While often I choose books and work over them, I try to not as much as I can. As I move into week three of my HP extravaganza I have stayed up until five in the morning causing small city shenanigans, gone to a wiz wrock show in Swansea, gone to Washington D.C. and watched the U.S. make it into the next round of the World Cup. While reading is important and HARRY POTTER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, having contact with other people is important too.

Additionally, I feel like the wiz wrock shows make up for it. I'm going to CT tomorrow to see the ROFLCOPTOUR. ALL CAPS is going to be there and I am ridiculously excited. Like, it is seriously ridiculous. I need to calm down. Hahaha... But really.

Anyway, Harry Potter!

The Order of the Phoenix has a LOT going on. It's the longest book (I believe. I could go check but my bookshelf is so far away...) I'll try to contain myself.

1. Harry's angst. Harry talks in CAPS for a FULL PAGE. HE JUST YELLS AT RON AND HERMIONE FOR A FULL PAGE. Needless to say, Mr. Potter is aggravated. I mean, I'd be too if the entire wizarding world turned against me and thought I was a mad attention whore. That's rough. But Harry's unrelenting ANGST is complete throughout the novel. Book 5 is age 15 for Harry. It's like J. K. put all the overwhelming teenage years in one novel. He's not nearly as moody in the rest of them.

2. I HATE DOLORES UMBRIDGE. Oh sweet mother of God. I hate her. No, really. I LOATHE HER SO MUCH. I always find the fifth book the hardest to get through. Even more so than Chambers. It's just because my utter contempt for Umbridge is so intense I have to repeatedly lower the book to keep from screaming. My loathing is vehement and thorough. SHE IS THE MOST AWFUL EXCUSE FOR A WITCH. Umbridge is one of my least favorite literary characters of all time. She's just so evil. I hate her more than Voldemort. At least Voldie is upfront about his darkness. Umbridge tries to cover it up. She tries to be so sweet, so sickeningly so. She reminds me of this teacher I had in high school, who would threaten but do so with a smile. It's creepy and weird and just wrong. Dolores Umbridge deserved to be trampled by centaurs.

3. The D. A. The one good thing about Umbridge is her awfulness leads to the formation of Dumbledore's army, which is my favorite thing about Book 5. I love how Harry rises to the occasion and takes the role of leader. It's the first glimpse of what is yet to come. Additionally, I just like spending more time with Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. Their characters are so great. I love when they get a chance for their stories to be told. Poor Neville. His life sucks so much. I don't know what I would have done if that happened to me. I mean, he is so strong. He is suffers silently. Everyone knows about Harry's plight. But Neville? He never told a soul. And Luna's just cool. "You know you look good when you rock those radish earrings!"

4. Sirius Black. WHY? WHY HARRY WHY? It's not really his fault. It's a lot of people's fault. Snape for being awful to Harry and stopping Occulmency. I do feel badly for Snape though. More on that in Book 7. (As a side note, Occulmency seems scary hard to me. I have such a difficult time clearing my mind. Snape would have hated me...) Snape also goaded Sirius which just pissed me off. Don't DO that! It's not nice. And it makes it harder for me to like you which I DO want to do. Stupid Snape. Harry, for not taking Occulmency seriously and for having a "people-saving-thing." Dumbledore, for not being upfront about the truth. Though, in his defense, he thought he was doing what was best.

5. The Department of Mysteries. The end of this book is so damn cool. Voldemort appears in the Ministry of Magic. Epic Voldie vs Dumbledore battle. We get a glimpse into experimental magic. Sirius has death by drapery. Crazy things go down. But most awesome is the Prophecy. Neither can live while the other survives. Poor Harry. He was doomed from the start. It's all up to our boy.

As miscellaneous blurbs, I hate Bellatrix Lestrange for many reasons. The Longbottoms, Sirius, general evil. Ugh.

The mood sensing of Harry in this book alludes heavily to his being a horcrux bit. Which is fun to examine.

And we see the Locket in this book. The horcrux locket which Kreacher covets.

Oh HP, how I adore you.

Until next time.


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